How do I modify or cancel my appointment?

Login into your account and choose “My Appointments” to see the list of all the appointments you have booked so far.



I want to modify my appointment 

If you want to modify your appointment, click on "Reschedule". An online booking form will open, and you can modify your appointment. Once done, click on  "Reschedule appointment". 


I want to cancel my appointment 

If you want to cancel your appointment, click on "Cancel". Your browser will issue a pop-up confirming your choice. Confirm your choice, and your appointment will be deleted. 

Note: Some providers do not allow cancellations online. If that is the case, please follow the instructions issued by the provider. 

I am a patient with Calgary Co-op and I want to cancel my appointment 

Please refer to the following article: How do I cancel or modify an appointment booked through Calgary Co-op widget?