How do I use eBooking (online booking)?

Your online appointment booking experience might look something like this:

The Pre-booking page

When you first arrive at the booking page, you might be greeted with this screen. Here, a healthcare provider might have important information, such as service eligibility, so please read this carefully before proceeding.  

The eBooking form

Once you arrive at the booking page, you will see the eBooking form. Every provider might structure the form differently depending on the type of services they offer. 

2-0-eBooking page-physician

Selecting the service

Select the type of service you want to book for. "Practice" refers to a group of services a provider might offer (e.g.: Flu Shots, Family Physician Consult, Pharmacy Services, etc.). In this case, we have selected “Family Physician Consult”. 

The next step is to select a healthcare provider (in our case it’s “Doe, John”). 

Lastly, you will select an "Appointment type". "Appointment type" refers to a more specific service under the "Practice" group. For example, our “Family Physician Consult” can have 2 Appointment types: “Family Physician: In-person Consultation” and “Family Physician: Telephone Consultation”.

2-0-1-eBooking page service

Selecting the date and the time

Use the calendar feature to select your preferred date.

Q: How far in advance will I be able to select my appointment?

A: This is solely determined by the provider.

2-1-Demo Day

Once you do that, select your preferred time.

2-2-Demo Time

Appointment reminder method

Here, you can select your preferred reminder method. “Email” option will send you the reminder to your associated email (i.e.: the email you signed up with). If you select “Text message”, the reminder will be sent to your phone as an SMS instead.

2-3-Reminder Method

Patient notes

In this section, you can write any additional information that the provider needs to know before the appointment. This step is optional. 

Click "Book appointment" to finalize your appointment.


Post-appointment page & appointment confirmation email

Your appointment has been booked. On this page, you will see the details of your appointment. 

3-PostBooking Page

Q: Do I need to print the appointment confirmation page?

A: This is not necessary as the appointment confirmation email will contain information about your appointment.

4-Appt Confirmation